Are your employees really working, or busy with other things?


Do you want to protect your children from undesirable websites?


Suspicious about your spouse's activities?

Perfect Keylogger for Mac is the perfect solution. For concerned parents, it helps them to monitor their children's online activities. Employers use it to make sure their employees are really working. It records ALL keystrokes typed in EVERY application. It also records websites visited in all popular web browsers and captures both ways of chats from many popular instant messengers.

With the screenshot recording option, you'll be able to capture a series of screen images and review everything later using a slideshow playback.

The full version offers much more monitoring and customization options.   It includes a simple website blocking option - so you can easily block unwanted websites.  Additionally, you'll be able to monitor all user accounts on your Mac from the Administrator account, receive all activity reports by email, or send all reports directly to another computer in your network, all while done in a discreet and undetectable fashion.

Ready to give it a try?  Download now!

Find out about the features and all of the differences between the Lite version and full version here, or see how the Perfect Keylogger compares to other products on the market on the reviews page.


Feature Lite Version Full Version
Price Free $39.99
MAC OS X 10.6 and later 10.8 - 12.x
Free Updates Not guaranteed
Keystroke logging & application monitoring
Retina display support
Instant messaging chat tracking/recording
Screenshot recording
Slideshow playback
Keystroke/screenshot recording in Windows
Simple built-in, easy-to-use Log Viewer
Administrator password required for installation
Browsing history Safari only
Free technical support
Automated installation/traces removal
Password recording
Automated log copying to external drive
Multi-user tracking/recording
Website blocking (black lists)
Snapshot recording
Custom location of log files
Log files invisibly emailed to you
Email notification if alert keyword is typed
Emailed logs viewable on any device/platform
FTP support (secret uploading of keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots
to website)
Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Norwegian English, Spanish, German, Portuguese