logKext Keylogger

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logKext is an older and basically obsolete keylogger which simply records keystrokes and nothing else.  It loads into the kernel, so it bypasses user-level security measures and is therefore invisible.  On the other hand, in order to install, uninstall and access the program, you must use the command line - a sometimes daunting feat for the uninitiated user.

This application is open source, meaning one can access the source code and edit it.  If you are a programmer and want to customize the keylogger to your needs, this could be great.  However, for the vast majority of users (even computer-savvy ones), logKext is outdated;  the lack of functionality, a user-friendly interface,  and accessibility make it an unpopular choice.  If you just need a keystroke monitor, try the Perfect Keylogger Lite version and benefit from an easy-to-use free program.