Standard: $79.95
Plus:  $99.95


(4 / 5)

Realtime-Spy is a great remote monitoring/keylogging program with a clean, well-designed, and easy-to-use user interface.  After logging into your online account's control panel, you have access to all of the reports of the target computer's activities.  The monitoring features are extensive - besides keystroke and screenshot recording, many more activities are recorded in full detail:  file and application activities, chat/messages, emails, browsing history and more.  The administrator also has the ability to shut down and restart the target computer remotely, and can also freeze and unfreeze the mouse.  Customer service is also available around the clock.

Realtime-Spy looks like a great, well-rounded application.  Unfortunately, it offers no filtering options, alerts upon keyword entries, or emailed reports.  Additionally, while the website offers a demo account that you can log into and preview all of the features, there is no free version available.  If these features are important to you, give Perfect Keylogger a try.